The 7 Worst Breakups In MTV History [Video]


We've all heard the saying, "It's better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all," but when you're talking about the MTV lineup, that's a hard sentiment to swallow. You see, for every grand gesture or moment when a couple has overcome the odds to be together, there are at least three more gut-wrenching, drink-throwing, mascara-smudging breakups.

The only Valentine's Day chocolates left in that giant heart-shaped box are the ones filled with (gross) marzipan and Cupid's gone back to his big crib in the sky, but messy breakups are always in season. Turn the lights down low, put on Adele's "Someone Like You" and relive some of the network's more memorable splits.

Don't Mess With A Woman Who Bakes

Even after "making it official," Mike wasn't feeling his 'situation' with Paula. So he did what any true "Jersey Shore" guido would do: He grabbed the boys, hopped in the SUV and drove straight down to Paula's place of work to break things off...after squeezing in a quick tanning sesh, of course. And while the big explosion the guys expected never came to be, what followed on a later episode marked the sickest revenge scheme in the history of scorned lovers.

Family Comes First in "Washington Heights"

Ludwin had a lot on his mind with his younger brother Alexis on the run from the law, so when he got a little weepy after Alexis confided in him, it made perfect sense that Frankie, his childhood friend, would offer him comfort...right? Wrong, according to his fading flame, Diana, who threw an epic jealous fit that finally allowed Ludwin to pull the plug on their fling.

Always a Bridesmaid, Never the Bride

Let's just say that luck has never really been on Jenna Hamilton's side (remember how a split-second reach for some ibuprofen instantly made her the girl who tried to off herself?). So, it's no surprise that just as she tried to drop the L-word on Jake and seal the deal with some booty, she was blindsided by him dumping her. Oh, and did we mention that this all went down while JHam was sporting a seriously hideous bubblegum bridesmaid's dress? Puh-reeeeetty "Awkward."

Take Your S**t And Kick Rocks

Looking for something a little more explosive? Look no further than "Buckwild's" Shae and Jesse J. calling it quits. After finally paying attention to her friends' stories about Jesse's wandering eye, Shae grabbed her belongings and hightailed it out of their shared home -- which was easier said than least for Anna, who was tasked with actually getting all of that stuff into Shae's car.

'The Hills" Are Alive With The Sound Of Fighting

You didn't think we were going to talk about breakups without mentioning "The Hills," did you? Please! That cast had enough cannon fodder for their own separate list. Between breaking up, making up and sharing exes, it'd be ridic not to call out a few of our favorites. Up first is when Audrina met up with Justin Bobby in hopes of finally rekindling their wishy-washy romance, and he put the kibosh on their love once and for all at a super sad dinner.

Don't feel too bad for Audrina, though. When was dating pop star Ryan Cabrera, she got to set her ego straight by pulling Justin's same bait-and-switch "relationship talk" on the rebound guy. Hmm, does that count as "paying it forward"?

And last, but certainly not least, what would ANY list be without mentioning Heidi Montag? Before her marriage to Spencer, plastic surgery and confessions of bankruptcy, Heidi had a boyfriend who dealt with the brunt of her crazy. Check out this tear-soaked moment from Season 1, when she broke it off with Jordan. We get the feeling that somewhere in California, this guy is breathing one super, duper massive sigh of relief over dodging that bullet.

+ Did your favorite MTV breakup not make the cut? Let us know your top lost love moments in the comments!

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