Mac Miller Gets A Sweet Ride On 'Mac Miller And The Most Dope Family' [Sneak Peek]


For normal people, winning trophies -- whether it's a ribbon with your name on it or a life-sized soccer star statue -- is pretty amazeballs. But if you're Mac Miller, typical rewards don't exactly cut it. In this sneak peek of "Mac Miller And The Most Dope Family," we watch as the young rapper is presented with his prize for being named Complex's Man Of Next Year, and it ain't your run-of-the-mill gold trophy.

In the clip below, Complex's Marc Ecko reminds Mac that awarding him this honor is "not something that's trivial," right before unveiling Mac's brand new car, compliments of the mag. "Oh, s**t!" Mac yells as he happy dances his way over to his very own Fisker. Yup, "oh s**t" just about covers it. After being handed the keys to his new whip, Mac jokes, "Let's do this again next year." We call shotgun!

Check out Mac's awesome ride, and stay tuned for the premiere of "Mac Miller And The Most Dope Family" airing this Tuesday at 11:30/10:30c on MTV2!

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