MTV Twitter Roundup: Country Girl Katie Has Plans To Get 'BUCKWILD' In NYC


Whitney Port is MTV's resident "City" girl, but will her legacy be forgotten now that a country bumpkin has her sights set on the Big Apple? "BUCKWILD"'s Katie recently tweeted that she has plans to become a New Yorker after graduating from college. But what does that mean for Season 2? We MUST find out how the Tyler love triangle ends!

Elsewhere on the MTV interwebs, Sara Schaefer was all about girl power, while her co-host Nikki Glaser was willing to forfeit some of her gender's rights (for a good cause!). And though Leah of "Teen Mom 2" was excited for a future trip, Randy Houska lamented about his air travel trouble after watching one too many easy-peasy flights on "Catfish."

Check out what MTV's best and brightest had to say on social media this week!


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Photo: Mike Piscitelli