Max Finally Gets Some Love At The 'Catfish' Reunion [Sneak Peek]


Over the course of the "Catfish" season, we've gotten to know internet dating sleuths Max Joseph and Nev Schulman pretty well. In fact, after witnessing countless strategic conversations (and tiffs) within their hotel headquarters about how to approach an investigation, we sort of feel like they've become our friends. As the face of the show, interacting with the couples and lending his shoulder for a good cry when things go sour, Nev is our fearless, compassionate leader. Yet Max, who's been more of a behind-the-scenes presence, is just as smart and sympathetic. We simply see less of him.

Max spends much of his time operating a handheld camera, often silently, and because of that, the people featured on the show seemingly forget to give him that appreciative hug Nev always snags at the end of every episode. But, as demonstrated in this sneak peek of Monday night's reunion special, Max DOES actually feel the love once in a while.

"You stud!" Kim says as she cuddles MTV's resident silver fox in the cutting room floor footage montage below. From high fives, to fist bumps, to full on enveloping bear hugs, Max is vindicated. It's about time!

+ Wanna get in on the "Max Needs A Hug" love fest? Tweet your virtual affection for him using the hashtag #MaxNeedsAHug. And don't forget to watch the "Catfish" reunion Monday night at 11/10c, where we'll check in with all of your favorites, like Matt (who's lost 200 lbs since filming!) and Sunny, the scorned girlfriend that started it all.

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