Reyna Attempts To Mend Fences With Eliza On 'Washington Heights' [Sneak Peek]


Now that Eliza and Jimmy have split, what kept Eliza and Reyna at odds is no longer a factor. So rather than let the feud continue 'til the end of time, Reyna takes the opportunity to extend an olive branch to her former nemesis in this sneak peek of the next "Washington Heights."

Reyna carefully approaches Eliza in the park, and swallows her pride to apologize. "I'm not happy that I put hands on was stupid. It should have never happened," she says. Eliza seems to be a little open to letting bygones be bygones, and acknowledges the apology. "It's cool. I appreciate you coming up to me," she tells Reyna. It's good to see the girls using their words, and not their fists.

+ Think these two can put the past behind them and become friends? Check out the clip, share your thoughts and tune in for an all-new "Washington Heights" Wednesday at its NEW time, 11/10c.

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