That's What You Said...About 'Real World: Portland'


If you're a bit cash-strapped but have been yearning for a springtime getaway, we've got you covered. A new season of "Real World" is headed straight for Portland, Oregon, at the end of next month, and based on the show's trailer, there's more than R&R on the agenda. Fights, indoor slip 'n slides and Playboy spreads? A one-way ticket with a window seat, please!

As the nearly 20-year-old show enters its 28th season, we knew you guys would have some comparative thoughts to share, and you definitely did not hesitate to fill us in. Below, take a look at some viewer comments posted to Remote Control and Facebook, check out the trailer if you haven't already and leave your own impressions of the new season.


"Nia sure has some anger issues...just based on the trailer footage alone, she almost certainly will be kicked out of the house." -- Donald T.

"I'm so excited that this is in my own backyard, but nervous about how MTV is going to portray us!" -- Bessy M.

"Very excited. The cast seems really unique, and above all there's fights!" -- Troy D.

"I'm still into it all these years later!" -- Jen G.

Remote Control:

"I wonder if Nia gets sent home. Overall it looks like it can be a good season." -- Amy

"FINALLY! It looks like a good season." -- John M

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