Jionni Marks His Territory With A Handprint On Snooki's Plaster Breast [Bonus Scene]


Family craft projects typically consist of gluing dry macaroni to construction paper and burying the whole thing in glitter, but at the Polizzi/LaValle abode, art is all about the boobs. Snooki decides to turn her pregnant belly into an animal print time capsule in the "Snooki & JWOWW" bonus scene below, and even though Jionni is only allowed to paint one small section, he makes damn sure his contribution counts.

"Can't you come up with something other than animal print?" Jionni asks Nicole as she breaks out the acrylic paints. "No!" she simply replies. And after some considerate strokes, Snooki transforms the white cast into a leopard safari, but leaves the right breast in Jionni's hands...literally. Instead of following the scheme or complementing her design, Jionni goes rogue and slaps a big ol' handprint on his lady's "bub" after she leaves the room, effectively marking his territory. He knows he's in for it, but can't help but smile while admiring his handiwork.

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