Mac Miller Spills His Teenage 'Scumbaggish' Moves [Sneak Peek]


Why ya squinting, Mac? *wink wink*

On this Sunday's "MTV2 Presents: When I Was 17" season finale, Mac Miller recalls his youth, which frankly shouldn't be too hard considering it was only four years ago. In the sneak peek below, the rapper joins the ranks of our other celebrity bad boys with a story of how he smashed and dashed in the so-called "Star Room." Apparently, this sacred space (which was really just an attic with two beds) became booty call central for him and his friends. "It was, like, that place where we all became men...separately," the 21-year-old says.

Luring the ladies was no easy task for Mac and his "Dope" crew, who never had any cash to supply the party. However, thanks to some "scumbag-ish" moves, the dough flowed in from the girls themselves. Mac's friend admits that not allowing their gal pals to hang 'til they ponied up was a dick move, but "desperate times call for desperate measures."

+ Find out just how Mac managed to keep 'em coming in the video below, and don't miss the season finale this Sunday at 1/12c on MTV2!

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