Ninjas They Are Not. Mac Miller Helps Recap The Worst High Kickers [Video]


Leave the perfect soufflé to the Iron Chefs; leave the death-defying high kicks to Jackie Chan. On last night's "Ridiculousness," Rob Dyrdek honored Mac Miller's seat on the red couch with a clip reel inspired by Mac's mixtape, "K.I.D.S.: Kickin' Incredibly Dope Sh**" (not to be confused with actual children). Naturally, though, Rob put his own special spin on the acronym, firing up a "Kicking Incredibly Dumb Sh**" highlight reel.

Doors! Towering street signs! A gentleman's visor! Though these things are all seemingly within a kick's reach, they're actually not at all within a kick's reach, and the video below captures the best of the worst flailing legs. The kid aiming for a hanging suit jacket might think he's Jet Li, but when his head collides with a light fixture and sends it tumbling down, he proves he's not even Ralph Macchio. As for the naked lady roaming outside a glass store front? You'll just have to see it to believe it.

+ Check out the clip, and tell us if you've got a particularly embarrassing ninja-move-gone-awry story (c'mon...we're all friends here!).

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