'Nikki & Sara LIVE' Takes On The Harlem Shake, And It's Memetastic [Video]


Memes don't exactly have a long shelf life, but just when we thought Harlem Shake videos had gone the way of the shark, Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer have resurrected the magic. We can't quit you, Harlem!

If you haven't heard of the dance by now, kindly emerge from underneath that rock. (Everyone from Jon Stewart to the team over at "Today" has tried their hand at it, and once Al Roker is in on the joke, you know it's seen its day. Or so we thought...) The cast and crew of "Nikki & Sara LIVE" came up with a version so jarringly amazing, it will instantly awake the sleeping web nerd inside of y'all.

Yesterday, Sara tweeted her apologies that "LIVE"'s Harlem Shake came a little late in the game, saying, "Having a weekly show made it hard to do a timely Harlem Shake but here. #SpotTheMeme #MemeHell." But the wait was worth it, especially because of the surprise ending.

We won't spoil it for ya, that would just be RUDE! Watch and smile:

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