Kailyn Lowry Tweets A Mother-Daughter Throwback Pic From Happier Times [Photo]


Kailyn Lowry posts a pleasant memory from her past.

The "Throwback Thursday" trend is typically reserved for sharing goofy photos of childhood hijinks, but Kailyn Lowry of "Teen Mom 2" took it to a deep place with her post today, tweeting an old pic in which she and her mother sport matching smiles. Kailyn has since sworn off Suzi, a point she made clear in the "Teen Mom 2 After Show" clip below, but is publicly sharing this virtual relic a sign that she'd be open to a reconciliation?

"#TBT Freshman year of high school when she was 9 months sober," Kailyn captioned the photo above, which was taken long before she'd given birth to Isaac (and cut off all ties with Suzi, who Kail has accused of having substance abuse issues). Understandably, the teen mom has developed a bad taste in her mouth due to Suzi's absence as a parent, but we can't help but hope the Lowry gals will once again be able to smile together.

+ Check out the video, and tell us if you think these two can ever mend fences.

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Photo courtesy of @KailLowry