Maci Bookout, Reporting For Duty! [Photos]


Are we looking at the next Diane Sawyer? Quite possibly! With her sunny-yet-serious disposition and newscaster posture, Maci Bookout of "Teen Mom" is really making a case for herself as a special TV correspondent, and today, we got to mosey on down to Tennessee to watch our girl interview Kailyn Lowry -- using YOUR questions! -- for Monday night's online "Teen Mom 2 After Show."

See that ear-to-ear grin? No nerves for this pro! In fact, she and Kailyn video-chatted away just like old friends (while little Isaac lingered off camera). Topics covered: Kail's fight with Jo, the resulting PFA, and how Javi and Vee factor into Isaac's life.

Check out these snapshots of Maci in action, and head to Remote Control at 11/10c on Feb. 25 to see the interview for yourself, right after "Teen Mom 2" airs on MTV at 10/9c!


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