'Washington Heights' Poll: Should Frankie Give Kelvis A Shot?


For weeks, Frankie has been struggling to get over her crush, Ludwin, who said he was down with her, but only as friends with benefits. Having seen their girl repeatedly hurt by Ludwin's ambivalence, Taylor and Reyna finally decided they couldn't stand idly by, and set Frankie up with Taylor's friend on tonight's "Washington Heights." Frankie reluctantly agreed to the blind date, but was pleasantly surprised to find that Kelvis was a nice guy. Too bad being nice doesn't always pay off.

As soon as Kelvis showed up to JP's party, Ludwin's mood shifted. He grimaced as Kelvis cozied right up to Frankie on the couch, and continued to scowl as he watched the new friends laugh through their conversation. Frankie left with a grin and her new prospect's number, and Ludwin was left seething -- the next day he even moaned to his boys about how disrespectful it was for Frankie to flaunt her date around him. Perhaps he has temporary amnesia about the time he got some chick's digits right in front of her face?

+ Whaddya think -- should Frankie give Kelvis a shot and move on from Ludwin, or should she hold out for the bearded bad-boy? Take our poll!

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