Which 'Catfish' Story Was The Most Cringeworthy?


The "Catfish" finale may have ended on a sugary sweet note, but let's not forget: This show was built on lies, tears and the probability that some couples would need post-show therapy. Nev and Max certainly got more than they bargained for during their quest to bring virtual couples together, and now that the season is over, we have to ask: From Mhissy's patronizing flower toss to Rod's confession that he used Ebony for her money, which of the sad outcomes made you cringe the most?

The show's first episode definitely set the tone, as Sunny, who believed she was dating a male model, discovered her virtual "boyfriend" was an 18-year-old girl named Chelsea. Without skipping a beat, Sunny went ballistic and insisted she'd kick Chelsea's ass if the camera crew weren't there. Mhissy definitely gave Chelsea a run for her money, though, when she copped to crafting a fake profile to get revenge on her ol' frenemy, Jasmine.

Rose (who let her feelings for her best friend, Joe, make her a little crazy) led Joe on by pretending to be a well-known beauty queen whom he fell for. Naturally, Joe didn't take too kindly to Rose's heartbreaking deceit, and the two were never the same. Over in Michigan, after Aaron revealed he'd duped lax bro Tyler by posing as his dream gal, Tyler cut off all ties. And when Aaron later admitted he'd conned numerous men into sending him explicit photos (Tyler included), Tyler didn't need any more reason to never speak to Aaron again.

And then there was Rod. Though he identified as straight, he turned to a gay dating site to meet women. There, he met Ebony, who claimed to be a transgender woman, but later revealed she wasn't -- something that seemed to disappoint Rod. After many back-and-forth arguments, Rod told Ebony he essentially used her for money, and she kicked him out of her house. Eventually she said she'd still be there for her former online flame, but it was clear Rod needed to partake in some soul-searching...alone.

+ So which of these cringeworthy "Catfish" tales gave you the most potent awkward-chills? Take our poll and sound off!

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