Alison Brie Makes Tragic Current Events Totally Funsies On 'Nikki & Sara LIVE'


The world has been kind of a hot mess lately, what with the infamous poop cruise making a mess of the Gulf of Mexico and giant spiders terrorizing Brazil. Luckily, the ever-so-chipper Alison Brie of "Community" stopped by "Nikki & Sara LIVE" last night to soften the blow with her endearing cheeriness -- because honestly, if we have to hear about meteors raining down on Russia yet again, we'd rather hear it from someone who can make an impending apocalypse sound like a slumber party.

Nikki and Sara temporarily transform their talk show into a newsroom in the clip below, and use Alison's positive aura to help deliver the dire news. On the Carnival Triumph's less-than-savory adventure, Alison says, "Human waste spilled into bedrooms and people were forced to defecate into buckets! PEE-YEW! AM I RIGHT?!" Sure are, Al! And your gleeful recounting has us ready to forget about the human cesspool and book our own cruise getaway ASAP. Still, we're bringing our Hazmat suits...

For more about Alison Brie, like what her band has to do with Lena Dunham's naked body (hint: EVERYTHING), watch the interview!

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