Snooki On Her First Night Without Lorenzo: 'I Didn't Enjoy Myself At All' [Video]


As soon as Snooki grimaced at the taste of alcohol while out for the first time since giving birth, we knew things were amiss. She and Jionni agreed they needed to re-spark their romance that had been suffering since they started losing sleep -- a new parents' standard -- but a fancy restaurant and a glass of white wine didn't do the trick. Instead, the couple spent the evening worrying about their son, and in the "Tea Time with Snooki & JWOWW" clip below, Nicole shares that getting all gussied up for a night out on the town is no longer a priority.

"That whole date, I thought I would be so excited to drink wine, and go out and just, like, get away, but I just wanted to go back home with the baby," she tells Jenni. "I didn't enjoy myself at all." Snooki says she's been partying since she was 13, and after getting a sour taste in her mouth from her first post-delivery drink, she learned it might finally be time to give up her rager days in favor of nights spent on the couch with her family. "It sounds miserable but it's not," she assures her best friend. "The reward is amazing...I'm where I wanna be right now, and it's perfect"

Pour one out for party girl Snooki, and check out the "Tea Time" segment!

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