Which Type Of 'Catfish' Ending Do You Prefer: Happy Or Messed Up?


No blowup? No jaw-dropping reveal? No Mhissy-inspired condescending flower toss? Last night's "Catfish" finale left audiences stunned when it ended...happily...and we were reminded of just how rare it is for the show to amount to anything other than tirades and tell-offs. It was nice to watch Mike and Felicia work through their differences to nail down their relationship, but we have to admit -- we kinda missed seeing the shocked face of a scorned online lover just a liiiiittle bit. And from the way Twitter was buzzing last night, so did many of you. Is that crazy?

Felicia certainly wasn't a perfect virtual girlfriend. She lied to Mike about how long she'd lived in Florida, and though she claimed to be the owner of a beauty salon, she ultimately admitted that wasn't true either. Max and Nev insisted that if Mike felt a genuine connection with Felicia, her small fibs could be overlooked if she apologized; however, Mike had been burned badly before, and he wasn't sure he could just let Felicia's deceit slide. After a heart-to-heart and a few months to think, though, Mike and Felicia officially became a couple, and "Catfish" saw its happiest ending yet. Satisfying for some, maybe not so much for others...

+ Tell us what you think! Is Mike and Felicia's relationship the type you like to see unfold on "Catfish," or are you more a fan of the series' crazy twists? Take our poll and sound off!

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