Add Your Image To The 'Teen Wolf' Mosaic And Unlock The Season 3 Premiere Date!


Here at, we fancy ourselves artistes (pronounced ar-teeeeests), but without you, dear readers, we would have no source of inspiration. You are one great, big, collective muse for us, and all we'd really have without you is a blank canvas -- literally. Ya see that black blob below? It's our latest project, or shall we say, YOUR latest project, because without your virtual paintbrush, its potential splendor will go unrealized.

Okay, okay, enough of the artsy-fartsy drivel. Here's the deal: Every time you tweet #TeenWolfSeason3 (sample post: I CAN'T WAIT FOR #TeenWolfSeason3), your avatar will be added to that black blob, ultimately creating a beautiful mosaic of fan faces. Annnnd, as more and more faces fill the space, the Season 3 premiere date, as well as a pic from the opening scene of the episode, will be unlocked! What's more, five "hidden tiles" (look for the "Teen Wolf" logo) will open Easter Egg behind-the-scenes videos starring the cast. (Jealous much, Mr. Picasso? That Blue Period doesn't seem so brilliant now, does it?)

But like we said, all of this rides on your shoulders. No tweets, no treats. So kick rocks, make your way to Twitter (or just click the "Add Me" button below, if you're the sort to take the easy way out) and check back here obsessively to see how much progress has been made on this work of art!

Patent Pending. Hashtag Art, Inc.

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