Barb Defies The Rules Of The Snake Zoo On 'Teen Mom 2' [Bonus Scene]


From fighting pirates to practicing gymnastics, Jace sure gets to do a lot of cool stuff, though his latest fun-filled day, which includes a meet-and-greet with reptiles, is not exactly our personal cup of tea. In the bonus scene below from last night's "Teen Mom 2," Barb and her grandson get an eyeful of slithery creatures at the local serpentarium (because don't we all have a local serpentarium?), and the kid shows no trace of terror. In fact, he seems to be enjoying himself.

Barb and Jace start off checking out some big parrots (okay, so birds aren't reptiles, but they're descendant from dinosaurs so we'll let it slide) before making their way into the main room, which holds the serious stuff. She teaches Jace all about camouflage with a bright green boa constrictor hiding among the leaves, and then Jace has a staring contest with one mean-looking Komodo dragon. What a brave kid! He doesn't even flinch as Barb taps on the glass to arouse the resident alligator, curiously named Bubble Boy. Barb: Don't you read the signs?! You NEVER tap on the glass! And you wonder where Jenelle gets her rebellious side...

Take a look at their time spent at the serpentarium!