What If Stiles Of 'Teen Wolf' And Cara Of 'BUCKWILD' Dated?


Valentine's Day may have come and gone, but that doesn't mean love is dead until next Feb. 14. In fact, it means there's a whole year left to firm up your physique, save up for that over-sized stuffed carnival toy nobody ever knows what to do with and work your way to not spending V-Day alone in 2014.

That goes for our MTV singles, as well! In fact, we got to thinking -- what if Cupid's arrow simultaneously struck the top two lonely hearts from our Valentine's Day poll? The more we mulled it over, the more we realized that Stiles from "Teen Wolf" and Cara from "BUCKWILD" might make a pretty good couple. They do share a common bond, after all: They're MTV's most datable, according to y'all!

Since shy guy Stiles has a lot of free time on his hands, thanks to his friends' late-night lycanthropy, his evenings are wide open. And while he still carries a huge burning torch for Lydia, we're sure he could redirect that longing by engaging in some good old-fashioned mud-wrestling with Cara. And the red-headed siren's extreme flirtiness would surely take the heat off of Stiles having to put his heart out there. The minute she saw his cheeks dimple, we're sure she'd pounce all over that. The pair could even spend the ultimate romantic evening dining on one of Cara's kitchen specialties (macaroni omelet, anyone?) as they search the stars for shooting potatoes.

+ Doesn't that sound bucking perfect? If not, tell us which of our pollsters you would pair up!

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