MTV2 Twitter Roundup: We Reveal YOUR 'When I Was 17' Memories!


Hanging out during my "Jersey Shore" days (I'm the one in green!).

For weeks, we've had the pleasure of hearing the rich and famous share their dirty little secrets (like bad hair and disease outbreaks) on "MTV2 Presents: When I Was 17." But with the season finale airing this Sunday, the time has come for us to admit our own teenage confessions. Oh, how the tables have turned!

As a born and bred Jersey girl, I am fessing up to my fist-pumping past: Yup, I was a Jersey Shore regular wayyy back when. Thankfully, though, I'm not alone in releasing the skeletons from my teenage closet. We asked YOU to share your stories as well, and some fearless "17" fans stepped up to the plate, telling us their tales via Twitter.

@MeganKRasmussen reminisced about becoming high school royalty, while other viewers, like @tysheehan and @Donny_Boyy, remembered the more rebellious parts of their teen years. @kreeativeblurbs shared how she made a decision that would last a lifetime, while one of our younger fans, @Dontbeshame, cleverly said his "17" confessional was "coming soon."

Get to know your fellow readers in the roundup below, and don't miss the season finale of "When I Was 17" this Sunday at 1/12c on MTV2!


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