'Teen Mom 2' Poll: Should Jenelle Hear Kieffer Out?


Season 4 of "Teen Mom 2" got off to a pretty good start for Jenelle. She had a new, doting boyfriend, Gary, a new pad, and -- most importantly -- a new lease on life now that she'd stayed clean. But, Jenelle's past always has a way of coming back to haunt her, and so it did on tonight's premiere when her ex, Kieffer, was released from jail. This should end well.

Kieffer was eager to get back in touch with Jenelle, actually calling Gary -- a total stranger to him -- in an attempt to break through to her. Jenelle was understandably upset by the news, because Kieffer meant nothing but trouble for her in the past. Her time in rehab and run-ins with the law had been enough to keep her out of trouble for months, so seeing him could be risky business. Then again, maybe he's on the straight and narrow now that he's served his time, and it would do her some good to get closure? Hmm. Let that sit for awhile.

+ Tell us: Should Jenelle give Kieffer the time of day, or should she cut him out for good? Take the poll!

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