That's What You Said...About JWOWW's Future As A Mom


Is Jenni Farley next in line to become a carriage-pushing, diaper-changing "Jersey Shore" mom? It's entirely possible, she recently revealed to us. That is, if Roger ever manages to get some action.

Once the feisty guidette opened up about her plans to start a family someday soon, fans flocked to Facebook to send her their well wishes, offer advice and remind her that babies are, ultimately, only a result of sex. Take a look at what a few had to say, and tell us what you think about Jenni's mommy potential!

"Anyone who loves animals and is kind-hearted will definitely be a good mom." -- Jane O.

"She usually played Mom in Italy while looking after Deena and Snooki, anyway." -- Noelle M.

"With Roger by her side, she would make a great parent." -- Nicole P.

"She has a good heart, takes care of business, is not afraid to learn new adventures and loves her mate. I think she will be very nurturing to her child when she gets pregnant." -- Vanessa B.

"How could she? She doesn't even have sex with Roger ;)" -- Yvonee M.

"She'll be a wonderful mother, but, I think they should wait." -- Vikki H.

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