The RidicuList: Life Lessons On Flexing, Ninjas And Grenades

Rob Dyrdek has taught us so many things over the years, from what it means to love a Big man to how the awesomeness of being a kid can live on within a "Fantasy Factory." However, when it comes to cautionary tales, there is no finer teaching tool than Rob's crowning glory: the ode to accidents we call "Ridiculousness." Each week, we'll pass along the three most valuable life lessons handed down by Rob and his crew in order to keep you safe, sound and off of this show.


Fresh from the Season 3 premiere, featuring guest Pauly D, we took away the following nuggets of wisdom:

Life Lesson #1: There is absolutely no such thing as an overreaction when somebody wakes you from a nap. If a friend ever hits you on the head while you're catching a snooze in study hall, the only appropriate response is to take revenge by kicking and body-slamming another classmate. The element of surprise is everything, and nobody will ever mess with you again after they see how serious you are. We believe this might be how ninjas are created.

Life Lesson #2: If you want to flex your muscles, remember to breathe. Apparently, "getting flexed out" is a thing. Following a clip of a beefcake who spent a little too much time flexing and not enough time exhaling, Pauly explained the gym rat phenomenon, "He flexed out... sometimes you're flexing and you're like, 'Bahhh!' And you just flex out. 'Zzzzz.'" Hence the origin of a new Pauly-style acronym: FAPOOV (Flex And Pass Out On Video).

Life Lesson #3: Real grenades are more dangerous than the lady kind! Contrary to the belief of the amateur videographers featured on "Ridiculousness," whether you're dropping grenades in trash cans, petri dishes or water, once the pin is out, there will come an explosion -- and some crazy shrapnel along with it. If you're gonna play with grenades, stick to the ones that you find in the club and not on the battlefield.

+ What other life lessons did you learn from last night's episode? Let us know in the comments!

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