Prep Yourself For The 'Catfish' Marathon With This Brawl Between Nev And Max! [Video]


We know, we know! "Catfish" has been MIA for weeks, and you're jonesing! Well, the wait is almost over, and let us tell ya, you're all in for a juicy season finale! Spoiler: It'll be even more memorable than Rod and Ebony's episode. Not lyin'.

In order to mentally prepare yourselves for the upcoming mindf**k, MTV will be airing not one, but TWO "Catfish" marathons this holiday weekend. Starting Saturday at 3/2c, catch all your favorite episodes, from the inaugural Sunny and Chelsea disaster to Mhissy and Jasmine's revenge scheme. And, if you're actually bent on having a social life, we're running them all over again on President's Day, kicking off at 12/11c and leading up to the grand finale at 10/9c. The best part? Throughout Monday's marathon, Nev and Max will be sharing never-before-seen footage, like the video below, where the two get into a pretty heated argument. Check out the fight, and brush up on past "Catfish" episodes this Saturday and Monday!

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