MTV Twitter Roundup: Snooki Feels The Love During Her First V-Day As A Mom


Snooki's never looked so happy!

The love benchmark has been set! No Jersey couple could have possibly outdone Snooki and Jionni's red-hot Valentine's Day affair. "At dinner I got a rose and glass of champagne right when we walked in!" the positively glowing guidette posted on her Celebuzz website mid-date. But the night was mainly about family, and her collection of uploaded portraits (in which Lorenzo has a perfectly coiffed comb-over) might just be the perfect addition to that bare refrigerator behind the matchy-matchy mother and son.

Elsewhere in the MTV Twittersphere this week, Nikki DeLoach threw her support behind old friend Justin Timberlake after a crowd-pleasing Grammy performance, while Katie of "BUCKWILD" had less-than-positive opinions about Pope Benedict's decision to leave The Vatican. And while Molly Tarlov proudly shared her story of young, unrequited love, Frankie of "Washington Heights" attempted to laugh off one particularly eye-grabbing on-air habit.

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Photo courtesy of Celebuzz