Pauly D Gets Some Human-Alarm Clock Competition On 'Ridiculousness' [Video]


There's no worse feeling than being forced into consciousness when all you want is five more minutes of shut-eye, but for the "Jersey Shore" cast, being prematurely woken up was a semi-regular routine, thanks to human-alarm clock Pauly D. The DJ's famous "OH YEAH! WAKE UP, YEAH!" was an a.m. battle cry in Seaside Heights, and on last night's "Ridiculousness," Rob Dyrdek gave the tradition quite the distinguished honor: its own clip reel.

Below, Rob plays a collection of videos that features folks destined for some rude awakenings -- literally. Some are innocent enough, but soon, things take a sinister turn into firecracker-meets-crotch territory, and it's all downhill from there. When a comatose Suge Knight look-alike is launched from his lounge chair into a pool, it's officially game over. "He was ready -- ready for war!" Pauly D says of one poor soul that was shaken awake. Maybe now he knows how his housemates felt...

Check out the hilarious segment, and please refrain from igniting explosives near your friends' genitals. Seriously, that's really rude.

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