17-Year-Old Drake's Hairdo Was A Major Don't [Sneak Peek]


Don't even get us started on the glasses.

We're all guilty of at least one fashion faux pas, so we'll try not to dis Drake's 'do in the above pic too harshly; however, his frightful teenage 'fro was better suited for a John Travolta flick than a post-Y2K Canadian kid. Hey, at least he agrees, and the now uber-hot rapper shares how he shed his retro look in this "When I Was 17" sneak peek.

In the clip below, Drake admits to how terrible his hairstyle choice was back in the day, saying, "It made me look like I had the biggest head in the world!" Luckily, one of his brutally honest bros let him know it was time to let the 'fro go, and the rest is history. "That day just changed my life," Drake recalls. "I was really, like, reborn."

Regardless of his mop top, Drake insists he still made the ladies swoon. "Don't sleep on me, I used to get girls!" he says. We don't doubt it -- Jimmy Brooks totally made all the hearts at Degrassi go pitter-patter!

+ Would you have dated Drake with his voluminous coif? Let us know in the comments, and don't miss the full episode of "When I Was 17" this Sunday at 1/2c on MTV2.

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