Vinny Guagadnino Opens Up The Doors To His Home [Photo]


Uncle Nino drains a bottle of vino while on the set of "The Show With Vinny."

In the pre-Twitter days, embarrassing family memories were safely confined to the likes of photo albums and VHS tapes. In 2013, they're accessible at the drop of a hat, and thankfully, Vinny Guadagnino feels no shame in sharing. Before the premiere of his upcoming "The Show with Vinny," Vin has promised us regular Instagram pics straight from set (his house!), and in the first installment above, Uncle Nino is making waves as usual with a good swig straight outta the bottle. Impressive!

"You thought @realunclenino was crazy before? This is what happens on #theshowwithvinny," Vinny tweeted yesterday. It's definitely hard to one-up the moment that Lil Wayne pisses in your own bathroom, but this shot definitely gives the rapper a run for his money. Plus, if Nino's plate is as clean as it looks, that means the appetizers haven't even been served yet. Pretty thirsty for a guy that hasn't even dug in to his antipasti yet...

+ Which celebrity guests are you hoping to see pop up around the Guadagnino household when "The Show with Vinny" premieres? Tell us, and check out the trailer below!

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Photo courtesy of @VinnyGuadagnino

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