MTV History Shows The Best Place To Find Love Is In The Club [Video]


By Rebecca Linde

They say love finds you the minute you stop searching for it. And while hopeless romantics will tell you their ideal meet-cute would take place in a stopped elevator, an indie bookshop or the produce section at Whole Foods, we here at MTV know there's one place you can always find that special someone -- whether it's for a lifetime or one crazy night (usually the latter). It’s a magical world where booze flows like the Nile, music is ripe for fist pumping and no one (well almost no one) goes home alone. Yup, from Cabo to Karma, the tried and true hot-spot for love, lust and everything in between is The Club. The sweaty, strobe-lit, sticky-floored club. Don't believe us? Check out these seven steamy moments from the MTV vault. (And, oh yeah, Happy V-Day!)

Getting "BUCKWILD" At Club Karma: West Virginia Edition

The gang from "BUCKWILD" ventured out of Sissonville to get rowdy in the big bad city, and much like the hyper-glow paint, the drama was everywhere. Fidelity was never Tyler's strong point, and he wouldn't let his tryst with Cara get in the way of having a good time with fellow clubber Brittney. However, Brittney's boyfriend didn't seem too amused. Go figure. Meanwhile, Anna got cozy with a childhood friend just off the dance floor, but back at the girls' house, Katie was the one who reaped all the benefits...because she ended up with Anna's catch. That is, until Cara c**kblocked the s**t out of them.

Glowsticks and Blue Balls

Our "Inbetweeners" were far from studly, but they managed to leave their nightlife stamp in an episode where being friends with Carly finally paid off. Surprisingly enough, Jay was the one who made a love connection with a grind-happy blonde, but he didn't pace himself, and all that dancing left him feeling, um, a It's okay, Jay, copping a feel totally counts!

Strip Club Kissin'

Although Kristin ditched Stacie The Bartender at Las Vegas club Ghostbar to booty call Justin Bobby on "The Hills," later she pulled out all the stops to make up for it, letting Stace tag along on her nudie-joint date. Kristin and Justin Bobby's lip-smacking made Stacie cringe, so Kristin planted a big wet one on her so she wouldn't feel like the third wheel. Ah, true friendship.

Goodbye Stephen, Hello Sam

Kristin's clearly a seasoned club vet -- after all, she's been finding love there since we first met her wayyyy back during "Laguna Beach." There was that one time when her provocative dancing got so out of control, Stephen flew off the handle and called her some rather impolite names any girl would be hurt to hear. Except for Kristin, who found sexy solace in Sam. When in Cabo...

Single Ronnie Goes Into Creep Mode

During one particular night at Bed in Miami, Ronnie went so wild on grenades and landmines (they deserve love too!) that it spawned his nickname "Single Ron" and left him fist pumping all the way to the Sammi doghouse. Ya see, "Single Ron" wasn't exactly single. We hope all those ladies were worth the hassle that came next!

Brandon Goes Postal

It was the "Real World: St. Thomas" crew's first night out, and Boston Brandon was spitting some serious game to a slammin' girl on the dance floor (yes, Robb, we were impressed, too). But, oh, how quickly a good thing can turn sour. All it took was one comment from a local islander to set Brandon into a spiraling rage (and scare the pants off of Swift), which kinda threw off the whole romantic vibe. Even LaToya's fun flirting couldn't cool him down! Must've been the 25 beers talking.

Cara Maria and Abram Seal the Deal

While most club lovin' involves sweat, liquor and dubstep, Cara Maria and Abram shared a truly romantic moment during a night out on "Battle of the Exes." Sure, Paula and Ty's flirting was precious, Johnny and Camila's fighting was entertaining (as are most things they do), but Cara Maria asking the smitten Abram to move in with her is probably one of the sweetest moments ever to come out of "The Challenge."

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