Molly Tarlov Welcomes Nolan Funk To 'Awkward.' In The Sadiest Of Ways


Molly Tarlov acts as "Awkward"'s welcoming committee!

If you've ever been the new kid -- whether in school, a sorority or frat, or even the workplace -- you've probably felt overwhelmed by total effing cluelessness. Fresh meat are ushered into their places and roles in a variety of ways, but Molly Tarlov took a most unique route yesterday when she rolled out the welcome mat for Nolan Funk, Sadie Saxton-style.

"Um who invited the new kid?" Molly tweeted from the "Awkward" set, where she posed with a very deer-in-headlights-looking Nolan. Method acting at its finest, Molls!

As the resident HBIC of Palos Hills High School, Sadie would surely be wary of any new faces, and not even bother extending them the smallest of olive branches. Molly's a sweetheart, however, so we like to think she invited Nolan to lunch and gave him the lowdown on all the inter-"Awkward" relationships, kind of like how Janice took Cady under her wing in "Mean Girls." And it seems like the two actors are already getting along swimmingly, as Nolan posted a similar pic where they were all smiles.

Whew, for a second there we thought Molly drank too much Sadie Kool-Aid!

Photo: Molly Tarlov's Instagram