Who's Your MTV Valentine? Stake Your Claim!



Valentine's Day is upon us once again, and you know what that means: chocolates, roses and (if you're lucky) a hot tub smush sesh. But what about those of us who haven't yet found Mr. or Miss Right to spend the most special night in all of mid-February with?

Luckily, our shows -- from "Teen Wolf" to "BUCKWILD" -- are chock full of potato-shooting, moon-howling and deliciously "Awkward" hotness just looking for love in all the wrong places. So, if you had to take your pick of one of these eligible men, women and supernatural beings, who would tickle your fancy? Pop a candy heart, check out the the candidates and take our poll to cast your vote!


StilesSStiles ("Teen Wolf"): Despite always playing second fiddle to Scott, Stiles is definitely boyfriend material -- the kid's sarcastic, adorable and loyal to a fault! Plus, you can go out with him during the full moon -- a total selling point.



RobDyrdekRob Dyrdek ("Ridiculousness"): It's always fun to date a guy with a great sense of humor, but this one will probably laugh if you break a heel on your way to dinner (and might show the resulting video to the world). That's charming, right?



JakeRJake ("Awkward"): Great car, great hair, terrible history with the ladies. Someone's gotta help Jake turn his luck around!




ShainBuckShain ("BUCKWILD"): Gandee Candy's got a heart of gold, and will take you muddin' on your very first date...if you're into that sorta thing.




DerekHaleDerek ("Teen Wolf"): Lots of stubble, lots of conviction, but seriously, make sure you know the lunar cycle if you're gonna go for this Alpha.




PaulyDPauly D ("Jersey Shore"): Despite Pauly's penchant for staying single, we bet this DJ would spin a few lovely beats for his lady on this special day -- as long as she's DTF.




JPWashJP ("Washington Heights"): He keeps his friends together, is ambitious about his music career and still takes care of his mama? Swoon!




TrishelleTrishelle ("The Challenge"): Who doesn't love an older woman? This "Real World: Vegas" alum" brings lots of, er, dating experience to the table.




TamaraTamara ("Awkward"): Optimal for quiet types, you'll never be at a loss for conversation with Tamara, that's for sure. And you'll learn some catchy slang in the process!




CaraBuckCara ("BUCKWILD"): This feisty redhead got all the "BUCKWILD" boys hearts a pumpin'. Bonus: She's open to both genders!




LydiaLydia ("Teen Wolf"): She's single now, so if you're not trying to become a giant lizard thing or werewolf, you're already miles ahead of her last boyfriend.




LaToya LaToya ("Real World: St. Thomas"): This may be your only chance in this lifetime to date someone named LaToya Jackson. Don't waste it.




SadieSSadie ("Awkward"): Doesn't everyone want to date the HBIC? And she's so polite. Hey -- some people dig the domineering vibe.





Vanessa The Stalker ("Jersey Shore"): What?! Some people LIKE the feeling of constantly being watched. There's someone for everyone, mmmkay?

+ Did we miss anyone? Then click the "Other" option and let us know who you'd add to the list (and why you'd leave the current contenders in the friend zone)!

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