Frankie From 'Washington Heights' Will Release Her Own Poetry Audiobook!


Man, those "Washington Heights" kids are a talented bunch. JP is on the hip hop rise, Reyna's officially thrown her hat in the music biz ring and now Frankie is sharing her spoken word talent with the masses. The crew's resident poet is set to release an audiobook featuring her beat style poetry on iTunes. You can hear an extended preview of her first single, "1221 Amor," in the audio clip below, and the track is out of this world!

"It's unconventional, but you'll understand," Frankie tweeted of her collection, 433 Eros, which she said is scored by a variety of producers. "On fire!" her pal Reyna chimed in, in a show of support. The entire collection will be available for purchase on March 13, and if her mesmerizing lyrics are any indication, it'll be well worth the wait:

"...I wish that what I wanted wasn't your captivity, I wish shooting Cupid's bow at you didn't feel like poaching. I wish I were not the concept of devotion..."

Check out "1221 Amor" below, and tell us if you're diggin' the ethereal sound much as we are!

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