Tyler Posey Leaks Mysterious 'Teen Wolf' Set Photo


TyPo creepin' on TyHo.

Tyler Posey sure knows how to make "Teen Wolf" fans talk. Recently, the star of the show shared a curious set shot with his Instagram followers, providing very little intel on what it depicts. How rude! Doesn't he know we require context in order to properly freak out about Season 3!?

While the pic above, which features T. Posey hovering over T. Hoech as he's getting wolfed-out for filming, didn't need explanation ("It's a bunch of f**king wolves #season3," Tyler captioned, to which we say, "Yay!" and also, "Duh!"), at least the guy's got us guessing with the mysterious photo below. We're pretty stumped as to what it is! The hashtag, #gottaloveteenwolfsets, is irritatingly vague -- all we know is that it looks like a place where bad things happen.

+ What do you guys think this set is supposed to be? Leave your theories in the comments!


A freaky new set for "Teen Wolf."

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Photos courtesy of Tyler Posey's Instagram.