'Washington Heights' Poll: Were Jimmy And Eliza Too Quick To Break Up?


Eliza once got into a big ol' brawl to protect the integrity of her relationship, but sadly, it was all in vain. After a series of arguments on tonight's "Washington Heights," Eliza and longtime beau Jimmy decided to go their separate ways, and couldn't even make eye contact at Frankie and Fred's big event. So now that they've severed the two-plus-year tie between them, we have to ask: Were they smart to break up, or too quick to throw in the towel?

Things started getting a little shaky when Eliza noticed acceptance letters from Florida schools lying on the counter. She knew Jimmy was interested in higher education as a means to pursue his baseball dreams, but had no idea that he'd officially applied. When she brought up the fact that he'd been withholding the applications from her, a huge can of worms cracked open. The argument quickly escalated into claims from Eliza that Jimmy was unappreciative, and then claims from Jimmy that Eliza was making a mountain out of a molehill. Ultimately, the accusations proved to be deal-breakers, and the Heights' power couple went kaput.

+ Whaddya think -- should Jimmy and Eliza have tried to stick it out? Take our poll!

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