Mac Miller Says His New MTV2 Reality Show Is Gonna Be 'Dope' [Video]


Thanks to "Awkward," there's a fair share of painfully uncomfortable moments constantly streaming on, and as it turns out, MTV2's upcoming show, "Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family, was thisclose to being totally awks, too. That is, until Mac Miller and his camera-shy friends finally overcame their stage fright and agreed to let us follow their every move (check out the rad trailer!).

While guest-starring on yet another upcoming MTV2 show, "Wild 'N Out," the new reality star told us how the look and feel of his six-part special will actually remind y'all of "Cribs." "The same angles of the house that they did in 'Cribs' episodes from, you know, 2003 is now my house," he says of the series' signature style in the video below. "The MTV music that you always hear, and you're like, 'That sounds like some MTV s**t,' is on my friends talking." Well, we'll have to wait just a bit longer to hear the "Dope" soundtrack, but check out this clip to see Mac happily boast about his new project, premiering February 26 at 11:30/10:30c.

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Photo: Colleen Hayes