Shay Mitchell Cops To Exaggerating A Baby's Cuteness On 'Nikki & Sara LIVE'


Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer are refined, sophisticated ladies about town (...right?) but even the classiest women have some guilty pleasures -- like being obsessed with "Pretty Little Liars." The hosts came clean about their love for the CW show on last night's "Nikki & Sara LIVE," and just in time, too! One of  "PLL"'s biggest stars, Shay Mitchell, stopped by to share stories about co-star Ashley Benson, and even came forth with some confessions of her own.

"Last week I told my friend her baby was the cutest baby I'd ever seen, when in fact it was just sort of cute," Shay admits in the interview below. Nikki doesn't let Shay suffer the incurring judgment alone, though, and joins her in baby-shaming solidarity. "Last week I told a baby it was ugly as f**k to its ugly f**king face," Nikki says, but assures everyone she did so compassionately. "Its mom was in the bathroom -- she didn't even see." It's not like the baby knew what was going on, anyway. Toooootally harmless.

For more from Shay, including her idea of the perfect Valentine's Day date and how "PLL"'s scripts remain under wraps, check out the video!

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