Check Out Reyna's New Single, 'If I Could Go,' Before Tonight's 'Washington Heights'


If a little snippet of Reyna's first recording left you wanting more, "Washington Heights" fans, the wait is over. The feisty spitfire's song, "If I Could Go," is now available on iTunes, and it's a club-friendly beat that's so catchy, you and your pals will be too busy shakin' it all night to run into any post-club confrontations on the sidewalk.

"Start off your day with some New flava!" Reyna tweeted this morning to promote the big release, and judging by her Twitter timeline, she's already impressed the masses. "I never downloaded a song from iTunes ever, but I downloaded yours!" one of her fans said. Man, JP's pep talk did wonders for Reyna! Perhaps the next big tune on her agenda will feature Audubon, too? We can only hope!

+ Check out a sneak peek of tonight's "Washington Heights," in which Reyna hears her song for the first time, and tell us what you think of her music once you've downloaded your copy!

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Photo courtesy of @KingReyna