Snooki On Feeling Scorned By Jionni: I Acted Like A Baby [Video]

Upon his birth, Baby Lorenzo brought Snooki and Jionni a type of joy the couple could barely articulate, but unfortunately, the bliss only lasted for so long. Shortly after leaving the hospital, the hardships of their new parenting responsibilities set in, and on tonight's "Snooki & JWOWW," Jionni's usual teasing ways suddenly started to hurt her feelings. For good reason, though.

In the "Tea Time" after show clip below, the doting mom explains that her irritability was a result of adjusting to huge life changes...and hormones. "I was so, like, emotional and sensitive," Nicole says of her first few days caring for a child. "Everything bothered me." The former party girl's out-of-whack hormones sent her into a tailspin, justifiably. "[Jionni and I] always, like, flirt and pick at each other -- and I'm fine with it -- but obviously at that time, I was so sensitive that everything got to me...I was a little baby." Aw, go easy on yourself, Snooks. Being in labor for 27 hours buys you at least a few temper tantrums!

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