Aubree And Jace Rekindle Their Romance At The 'Teen Mom 2 Mid-Season Reunion' [Video]

The "Mid-Season Reunion" was full of adorable, Dr. Drew-sanctioned smooching, but it wasn't any of the usual "Teen Mom 2" couples that made our hearts melt -- it was the kiddos!

The romance between Chelsea's daughter, Aubree, and Jenelle's son, Jace, began nearly a lifetime ago when Jace professed his feelings for Aubs in an adorable video. For months after, the baby lovebirds pined for one another until, in November, they finally got to express their love with a sweet smooch in NYC.

When Jaubree was once again reunited at the "Mid-Season Reunion," the big question was "Will they or won't they?", as it seemed the star-crossed tots were kept apart by another man, at first. Kailyn confessed that Isaac harbored some feelings for Aubree -- until Aubs' rejection (in the form of a cheek bite) made Isaac rethink his crush. In the clip below, while her toothy rebuff serves as a visible reminder of Isaac's lost love, it becomes clear that her affection for Jace is every bit as strong as her chompers, which she proves with an on-air kiss. Three-years-old and they've already nailed down their Valentines, those lucky ducks!

Check out the video, and relive the puppy love!

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