'Nitro Circus Live' BMX Star Lands World Record-Breaking Double Backflip [Video]

Jed Mildon wows crowds at the Wellington, New Zealand, tour stop.

Legions of fans purchase "Nitro Circus Live" tour tickets to see the thrilling MTV2 show come to life. And during this weekend's New Zealand leg of the 2013 tour, Jed Mildon did not disappoint when he shattered a world record by nailing a death-defying stunt: the first-ever double backflip tailwhip (which looks WAY cooler than it sounds).

In the clip below, cameras capture the Kiwi daredevil taking off for the terrifying trick, and when he lands safely, the stadium fills with cheers for their homeland hero. Stateside super fans, like Ryan Williams, took to YouTube to comment on the stunt: "Jed Mildon is the definition of Warrior. I mean, who else can do one of the hardest tricks on the BMX and land it first try!" Even fellow pros are in awe of what their peer pulled off. "Jed Mildon is a beast," "Nitro Circus" stuntman Matty Whyatt says in the vid. "That's the most insane thing I've ever seen," adds James Foster.

+ Check out what Jed himself had to say about his sick stunt, and leave your reactions in the comments!


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Photo: Hagen Hopkins/ Stringer/ Getty Images