Jenelle, Barbara And Andrew Duke It Out Over Jace At The 'Teen Mom 2 Mid-Season Reunion' [Video]

After a paternity test and a bit of anxious waiting around, we learned on the "Teen Mom 2" season finale that Andrew was, in fact, Jace's father. But it wasn't exactly a relief for Jenelle, who confronted her ex during tonight's mid-season reunion with allegations of physical abuse. The tension between the two is apparent as ever in the clip below, and even with Barbara serving as a barrier, they waste no time tearing into one another.

"I hold a grudge against him because he abused me," Jenelle tells Dr. Drew of her reluctance to bring Jace back into Andrew's life. "How do I know you're not going to hit him like you did me?" she asks Andrew, to which he swears up and down that his anger management issues are in the past, and that he would never jeopardize Jace's safety. But Jenelle refuses to budge, standing firm that Andrew's not as innocent as he claims -- and Barb backs it up by saying he's had a DUI more recently than his last supposed drink.

Up against the wall, Andrew then blames Jenelle for his own absence in Jace's life, but Barb just ain't havin' it. "Let me tell you this," she directs toward Andrew, "I have custody of this baby. If you wanted to see him, you could've called me." Zing, point Barb!

Eventually, the issue is sort of resolved; that is, until Andrew drops another bomb: He can't step foot in North Carolina because there's a warrant out for his arrest...due to non-payment of child support! And it starts all over again...

+ Watch the whole uncomfortable argument, and see where this story heads when Season 4 of "Teen Mom 2" premieres Monday at 10/9c!

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