Maci Bookout And Her Son Bentley Trick Out With BMX Pro Terry Adams [Video]

Terry Adams fist-bumps his BMX protégé, Bentley Edwards.

It's never too early to search for your passion, and Maci Bookout's little daredevil, Bentley, seems to have already found his calling as a BMX biker. Steering some red and blue wheels that match his mini Chuck Taylors, and sporting a fiery helmet (safety first!), Bentley recently met up with BMX pro Terry Adams to learn some new tricks, and the 4-year-old's skills are pretty sick! We can barely ride down the street without wiping out, so Bentley: We salute you.

"It's pretty rare to see any kid at a young age involved in BMX," Terry says in the video below as he drives toward Chattanooga to coach Bentley. "He could end up being the next big thing in BMX or Motocross, and if I can be a part of keeping him motivated to do what he loves, I'm all for it." When Terry arrives, he and Bentley get right down to business, and even though the kiddo tumbles on his first attempt at the ramp, he nails it on the second go. Not to be outdone, Maci demonstrates her own riding expertise later on -- guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

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Photo: terryadamsbmx on Instagram