Seaside Lives On! Rob Dyrdek Honors The Most 'Ridiculous' Jersey Shore Rejects [Sneak Peek]

"Jersey Shore" featured nine of the spunkiest, hardest-partying guidos and guidettes the East Coast has ever seen, but what ever happened to all those juiced-up gorillas and busty bombshells that didn't make the cut? Rob Dyrdek and Pauly D take a look at the "Shore" housemates that never were in this "Ridiculousness" Season 3 premiere sneak peek, and from failed bull riding to some questionable dance floor grinding, the whole thing kinda looks like a second-rate Club Karma at last call. Nooooo, buddy.

Rob dives right into his vault of "Jersey Shore Rejects" in the video below, and the clip reel starts out with a bang -- literally. Between a slippery stripper pole, a face-plant (or three) and far too many man boobs for anyone's liking, Rob shows Pauly the perfect "Shore Reject" storm. "Leave it on, thank you!" Pauly kindly requests as one particularly chubby partier gives us the burlesque show we never asked for.

+ Check out the video, and watch the "Ridiculousness" premiere on its new night, Thursday (yes, that's V-Day, folks), at 10/9c! Because who needs flowers and chocolate when you can watch people eat sh**?

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