Snooki Snowboards Down Her Street During Blizzard [Video]

Snooki's just like us: She shovels snow! (Eh, who are we kidding? We'll sit tight 'til it melts.)

Here on the East Coast, the roads are completely bereft of cars and buried by inches of unplowed snow. It's a blizzard, baby! But while we're currently holed up inside, tearing through our fastly dwindling fridge contents (because bad weather gives you complete permission to lay around and get fat), Snooki is having the time of her life snowboarding down her street. Whoever thought this girl could only have fun while liquored up at the club was sorely mistaken.

In the video below from Nicole's Celebuzz website, the darling little snow leopard is pulled at impressively high speed by Jionni's quad for a good 15 seconds. When she finally loses her balance and bites the dust, a heart-warming shriek followed by Meatball Day-reminiscent laughter is heard. It kinda makes us want to layer up and head right out into those fluffy mounds of white powder ourselves...but not really. Pass the Funyuns, please.

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Photos: Celebuzz/Nicole Polizzi