Tech N9ne Tells The Sad Story Of His Teenage Chickenpox Outbreak [Bonus Scene]

Tech N9ne (and his hair) back in the day.

Lately, we've noticed a common theme among our male celebrities' anecdotes on "When I Was 17": They all used their talent to meet girls. In the bonus scene of today's episode below, Tech N9ne joins the ranks of Wiz Khalifa, MGK and Lil Duval in admitting to being a horny 17-year-old; however, poor Tech was sidelined from a big night of flirting due to a nasty case of the chickenpox.

The Missouri native says that for weeks, he and his friends rehearsed a chick-magnet routine that he couldn't wait to perform at the local amusement park. "Grad Night was about going out there, dancing...[doing] your routines and [getting] the chicks from the other schools," he explains in the clip. But before he could show off at Grad Night, Tech was incapacitated by the dreaded pox. "At 17? Who does that?" he says in disbelief. Instead of mackin', he sadly spent the night sick and solo. "Nobody was there for me," he sniffles. Talk about adding insult to injury!

Check out the full story below, and don't miss episodes of "When I Was 17" Sundays at 1/12c on MTV2!

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