T.J. Lavin Reveals His Pipsqueak Past! [Photo]

T.J. Lavin, then and now.

Before this week, if you had told us BMX biker T.J. Lavin wasn't always the scruffy, brooding-yet-charming "Challenge" host we've come to know and love, we'd call you nuts. But Wednesday, the man himself posted an adorable (black-and-white?) photo of his once-baby face online, noting that he was a bit of a late bloomer. Ya think???

The undated (yet 1950s-reminiscent) yearbook shot of a teenage Lavin was shared on his Instagram account, with an explanatory caption. "Graduated high school 5'3 100lbs..grew 8 or 9 inches and 65-70lbs when I was 18-19 .. Shin splints were an everyday thing. Showers in PE sucked. #bullied#skinny never cut weight for the 103 wrestling division!! Hahaha." It's hard to imagine the bad-ass athlete ever being bullied, but hey, look who's laughing now?

T.J. might never have landed his "Challenge" hosting gig if not for his X Games fame, so for his lack of wrestling star potential, we are mighty thankful.

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Photo: tjlavin on Instagram/Rene Cervantes