That's What You Said...About Who Should Be Chosen Next For A 'Challenge'

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Casting "The Challenge" is a delicate dance -- you've gotta have the perfect balance of pot stirrers, quiet threats and hilarious pranksters. Fans of the series ALWAYS seem to have an opinion on who should be picked, so we asked for your help to flesh out the roster for a potential new season.

According to our poll, SarahLaurel and Coral were the girls in highest demand, while CT, Kenny and Evan topped the list of guys. And then there were some names we totally overlooked -- Landon, Derrick and Emily -- that got dropped many times in the comments. Check out some of the opinions posted to Remote Control and Facebook, and let us know if you've got more to say!

Remote Control:

"What about Landon, Abram and Derrick for the guys? Emily from D.C. was amazing in her challenges -- I would want to see her actually win, though." -- Nathan

"Please, MTV, don't you dare forget about Emily, Derrick, Landon and Abram. Please get rid of Frank and Big Easy. I know that they bring drama to the show but the fans are tired of seeing their faces and listening to their voices!" -- Mario

"LaToya from St. Thomas! You should do a Battle Of The Besties and pair Marie and LaToya." -- heyaliciaa


"I'd like to see how Zack and Frank do when they're up against badass veterans." -- Anthony G.

"Anyone from the old seasons -- Evan, Coral, Miz, Rachel, Veronica, Kenny, CT -- call it Throwback." -- Melissa R.

"Coral. She would be the Queen of the ladies and put them in their place." -- Heather R.

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