Reyna Hears Her Song For The First Time On 'Washington Heights' [Sneak Peek]

"Washington Heights" may seem like a soap opera at times, but the cast members do have more on their minds than relationship drama. The crew is constantly hustling to reach their career goals, and in this sneak peek of Wednesday's new episode, Reyna finally gets to taste the fruits of her labor when JP plays her song aloud for the first time.

"It came out dope as hell," JP, who's on a musical mission of his own, says of his friend's first foray into the biz. JP's been helping Reyna with her single, and is possibly more excited to share the finished product with her than she is to hear it. He's hopping around the room, dancing to the opening beats, and as soon as Reyna's part kicks in, he starts to sing along! Reyna's got a smile from ear to ear, realizing that her dreams are finally starting to come true. "REYNAAAAAAA OH MY GOD! THAT'S YOUUUUUUU!" JP jokes, imitating the sentiments of every proud stage parent to ever walk this earth.

Check out the track, and don't forget to tune in to "Washington Heights" on Wednesday at 10/9c.

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