Diem Brown Is Cancer-Free!

Diem Brown has successfully kicked cancer's ass a second time! The "Challenge" standout shared in her People.com blog Thursday that she's free of the disease that returned last spring, and explained how incredible it felt to hear the positive prognosis after enduring invasive surgeries and months of chemotherapy.

"That first breath you let out when you get good news feels almost stolen," she wrote. "Your entire body gets weak as if you were holding up this one-hundred pound weight over your head and you've finally been told you could drop it. You feel free!" She said that a mass doctors discovered in her liver last month might have been a sign that the cancer had spread, but after conducting tests and suffering through an agonizing wait, she learned that she was finally in the clear. Now, Diem declares herself the official victor of the war she'd been waging.

"I knew that the best way to climb any impossible looking mountain is with small steps, not giant leaps," Diem wrote, noting that coping with side effects, such as infertility, has been especially overwhelming. "You might not like the cards you have been dealt, but you are who you are because of them," she added. "You get a bad hand and it's your choice how you can play it, but I promise if you choose not to fold, you will come out better than you could ever possibly imagine."

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Photo: Matt Sayles/Invision for PEOPLE

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